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A New Partner of AZ Patio Shades

Shade Maker Is Offering 25% OFF to New Customers

Shade Maker is Arizona’s only provider of the Shademaker SX. We trust their quality and are proud to promote this line of products with the AZ Patio Shades name. Click below to find detailed information on the Shademaker SX, like its standard features & additional opptions that make it easy to customize your Shademaker so it fits your needs perfectly.


Retractable Powered Awnings

Our retractable awnings are fully customizable, allowing you to create a comfortable shaded space for leisure or for entertaining. Our awnings come with built in LED lighting strips that dimm, wind sensors to keep the guess work of if you should retract the awning or not during high winds, & all power options come with an easy-to-use remote which elevates the users experience with comfort and ease.

Enclosed Sun Shades

We provide sealed track shades that help keep bugs & leafs out of your patio space to simple drop shades to make a space more comfortable. All of our shades have the option to be powered with remote controls and we offer fully customizable sizing options to fit any patio space or design options.



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