retractable motorized awning



Our AWNINGS are made from premium materials THAT ARE RUGGED, DURABLE, and are EASILY custom fitted to your home’s patio OR outdoor spaces. This amazing all weather product is equipped to withstand ANY weather extreme! things from extreme temperatures, direct sun, heavy snowy & and our extreme winds from summer monsoons. AZ Patio Shades awnings can take any extreme condition & continue to function smoothly like the day you got them. Our awnings keep the sun out on warm days, keeping your backyard shaded at a cool temp that can be 30 degrees cooler during our summers.

Power Retractable

AZ Patio Shades Power Retractable Awnings are a beautiful and cool addition to your home. These awnings can be added to any patio space as well as over any window or open space attached to your home. The Power Retractable Awning can be automated as well, so you can have cool shade on the remote or on a timer for your comfort and convenience. This option is UV protected and made from long lasting materials made to withstand all weather conditions including the AZ sun.

Manually operating

AZ Patio Shades offers the same great Awnings but as a manually operated retractable unit for a more affordable option to enjoy our products in your backyard patio spaces.

 Retractable Awnings Arizona


We stand by all of our AZ Patio Shades products and installations and the warranty that comes with your purchase of your AZ Patio Shade. We will ensure customer satisfaction, so if anything goes wrong with one of our products, it will be protected under the warranty. We do not send out the services either, we have an amazing team of certified technicians and take care of everything in house. We are a one stop service and product provider.